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People cite their own reasons to go solar.  Some of the most common answers from customers tend to revolve around three reasons for going solar: reducing your power bill, protection against rising energy rates, and increasing your home value.

Imagine saving up to 70% off your energy bill each month — wouldn’t that be nice?  By saving thousands of dollars during the useful life of your solar installation, you will likely see the cost savings right away.  Becoming net positive from Day 1 with your solar install is a realistic objective. That’s just one of the benefits for going solar.

Secondly, depending on your outlook of the future, people like to protect themselves from the threat of rising energy costs.  A solar power install can help you mitigate potential price hikes in the future.

And some customers claim that going solar can actually help increase your home value.  For some homeowners, the resale value for their home increases (by thousands of dollars) due to leveraging it’s own energy.

Of course, there are several other reasons such as the social responsibility factor with using clean, renewable energy.  Federal and state incentives are also available to those who qualify.  Why are you considering to go solar?