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If you’re just starting your solar research, you may be wondering, “What is solar energy used for in a home?”  By using solar energy to power your home, you’re not only potentially saving hundreds of dollars monthly, but also storing up a cache for future use.  In this post, we’ll attempt to give you a better picture for how to use solar energy for household necessities in your everyday life.

What can solar energy be used for in the home?

There are many uses for what solar power can be used for in your house, but here are some ideas for how you might benefit by harnessing solar energy in your home today:

Solar Energy Storage for Home Use

I challenge you to review how you use energy in your home on a daily basis.  In the morning, you might wake-up to an alarm clock (old school!) or quickly find your smartphone (charging on the charger over night) to snooze the alarm.  From then on, throughout the day, you are interacting with devices and things which require some sort of energy to keep them useful.

By opting for a solar energy storage solution, you can imagine the amounts of energy you will be able to use for your daily lifestyle rather than relying on the utilities company entirely.  Solar energy storage is powered by the Sun; it’s harnessed and stored by your solar system.

Using Solar Energy for Home Lighting

When the sun sets, with the flip of a switch, we enjoy light.  For decades, we have been relying on utility companies to supply the power as our primary electricity source, but did you know that solar energy can be used for your home lighting needs?

Solar energy is now being used to light sports stadiums– of course it can be utilized to to power your own home lighting.  There are several unconventional ways to lighting your home available on the web, but you could certainly see the light for how using solar energy may be able to help your specific needs by just reviewing your electricity bill.

Using Solar Energy for Home Appliances

Your refrigerator is running. No joke, think about the appliances which constantly consume energy all the time!  If you’re like me, you might have more than one refrigerator in the home– do you know people who have more than two fridges in their home?  Depending on the make, model and manufacturing year of your fridge, you could be forking over a considerable amount of money just to keep the refrigerators running.

According to one source, on average, the refrigerator comes in second place for being the most taxing on your electricity bill (with air conditioners coming in first place).  By opting for an energy-efficient refrigerator coupled with a solar energy source, you are set-up to start seeing some dramatic savings every month.  And that’s just a start.

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